Choosing a Mesothelioma Trial Attorney

Image of the inside of a courtroom, representing the importance of working with an experienced mesothelioma trial attorney when you or a family member suffer from an asbestos-related disease. Nemeroff Law Firm asbestos trial attorneys fight for their clients in courtrooms across the country.

Mesothelioma cancer cases are difficult. The people and companies that could have prevented your illness do not want to be held responsible, and they have more financial resources than you do. They dismiss your concerns or low-ball you with a settlement that is to their benefit. Put them on notice that you are up to the fight by choosing an experienced mesothelioma trial attorney, one who will work to hold them accountable and obtain the financial compensation you and your family deserve.

What is a trial lawyer’s strength? Making your opponent dread going to court.

The Advantage of a Mesothelioma Trial Attorney

Assume you have never been to New York City, but find yourself with an urgent reason to go. Driving in NYC is notoriously difficult. You can try it on your own, try to navigate public transportation, or hire a car with an experienced NYC driver. Given the importance of the trip, your best choice is the experienced driver who knows how to avoid congestion and construction and knows the best route to get you to your appointment on time. An attorney experienced in mesothelioma cases is much like that NYC driver.

An experienced mesothelioma trial lawyer knows how to navigate each trial court’s procedures, knows the laws that affect your case, collaborates with others to your benefit, and knows all about cases that are similar to yours.

Look for an outstanding communicator who is comfortable in a courtroom and who is good at persuading attorneys, judges, witnesses, experts, and juries. An experienced trial attorney will be good at “reading the room” and will organize your case in the best way possible within the structure of court rules.

A Good Mesothelioma Trial Attorney Has a Strong Support Team

The best mesothelioma trial attorneys are backed by strong support teams. Their law firms are staffed by trial attorneys with deep experience in asbestos cases and experienced support staff. These firms have access to monetary resources, as well as to experts in the medical, industrial, and science fields. And they also have up-to-date research tools, which allow them to stay current on changes that are critical to your case.

How to Find the Best Mesothelioma Trial Lawyer for You

It’s hard to avoid television commercials asking you to call mesothelioma attorneys about your case. They would like to speak with you. You have some questions to ask them:

  • How many mesothelioma cases have they taken to trial?
  • How many mesothelioma cases have they taken to trial in your state?
  • How many trials resulted in damages being awarded to the plaintiff? What were the damages?
  • Do they have qualified experts they use in mesothelioma cases?
  • What do they know about the industry and materials that resulted in your exposure to asbestos?
  • Do they have national recognition in their trial work regarding mesothelioma?
  • Why are they trial attorneys for mesothelioma sufferers?

If you are not comfortable with the answer to the last question, find another attorney. Trial attorneys experienced with mesothelioma patients have a passion for getting justice for their clients, who have been wronged by people and corporations who could have prevented their disease from occurring. The relationship between the client (you) and your attorney is crucial.

Our Mesothelioma Trial Attorneys are Passionate About Your Case

The mesothelioma diagnosis that you or your loved one received is devastating. Nemeroff Law Firm has mesothelioma trial attorneys who work nationwide on behalf of victims and their families. We can help you get the compensation you need to pay for the costs of medical treatment and provide support for your family. You are not alone. Contact us today at 866-342-1929, or email us at

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