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Our mesothelioma lawyers are here for you and your family during this difficult time. With years of experience and a reputation for successful and devoted advocacy, you can trust us to promote your interests. We have been helping clients deal with mesothelioma lawsuits across the United States for decades. Why choose a firm inexperienced in these types of cases when you have the option of working with a tried and true asbestos litigation team? We understand what is at stake and we are prepared to protect you.


We employ trial lawyers with impeccable national reputations who have successfully litigated mesothelioma suits for years, often winning multi-million dollar cases for their clients and their clients’ families. They have legal and medical experts working together, using state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the highest possible financial recovery in each case.

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The firm offers potential clients a free consultation where clients learn about the litigation process and what they can expect. The Nemeroff Law Firm believes in fully informing all potential clients so that they know exactly where they stand. Mesothelioma patients deserve all the information that is available to them.

At this firm, the lawyers are compassionate as well as knowledgeable. They care about the individuals involved, and as a result, their legal battles become personal. They want justice for their clients and do everything possible to get it. They are persistent, ethical, and effective.

Asbestos Military Cases

We also specialize in military asbestos cases. Former service men and women were often exposed to high levels of asbestos when they were on Navy vessels, including aircraft carriers, cruisers, submarines, and virtually any vessel that was built before the 1980s. Veterans who served on these ships are, too often, the victims of mesothelioma. Those who served have already paid a stiff personal price. They should not have to battle mesothelioma at all, much less alone. The Nemeroff Law Firm takes particular pride in serving members of the military who need their help.

Our staff cares about the individual, and while we know that good health cannot be replaced by money, we understand that finances play an integral part in acquiring the best health care for the patient and in providing a quality life for family members. Financial relief helps ease the burden of this aggressive, deadly cancer. Also, when companies are held responsible for their behavior, they make changes that benefit their current and future employees. With the right safeguards, mesothelioma rates will be greatly reduced.

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Those suffering from mesothelioma will benefit from a free consultation with these legal experts. Everyone battling asbestos-related conditions deserves the best legal help available.

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