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Image of USS Bennington, representing those who worked on or around the USS Bennington and asbestos and how the attorneys at Nemeroff Law Firm can help determine the legal rights of anyone diagnosed with asbestos-related disease as a result.
Asbestos Exposure

The USS Bennington and Asbestos: A Mixed Legacy

History does not make us think of the USS Bennington and asbestos. Instead, we think of the contributions the USS Bennington (CV-20) made to World War II and the Vietnam War. But those who built, served on, or serviced the ship may be carrying a deadly piece the
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Image of military personnel aboard an aircraft carrier, representing the crews who may have been exposed to asbestos while serving or working on the various missions of the USS Hancock and how Nemeroff Law Firm can help determine whether those suffering from asbestos-related illnesses as a result of that exposure are entitled to compensation.
Asbestos Exposure

The USS Hancock: Asbestos Exposure Aboard the “Fighting Hannah”

The USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19) was an aircraft carrier of the Essex class built during World War II. The “Fighting Hannah” or simply “Hanna” served in World War II and the Vietnam War. The ship participated in critical operations in both conflicts as well as additional operations in the
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Image of Letter Tiles Spelling the Word Justice, Representing the Individual Elements of Knowledge, Experience, and Compassion that Make Nemeroff Law Firm the Right Asbestos Cancer Attorney to Obtain Justice for You.

Finding the Right Asbestos Cancer Attorney

A diagnosis of mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, can be overwhelming. Patients and their families are tasked with identifying the best medical care, managing that care, and staying on top of financial concerns, all while coping with the emotional toll of a devastating illness. Wondering
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Image of USS Arizona Memorial, representing the service members who worked on and around the USS Arizona and asbestos materials used in her and now risk developing asbestos-related illnesses including mesothelioma.
Asbestos Exposure

The USS Arizona and Asbestos

What relationship is there with the USS Arizona and asbestos? Asbestos became common material for use in shipbuilding during the early part of the 20th century. Asbestos was prized for its resistance to fire, heat, water, and corrosion. It could be found in valves, boilers, gaskets, turbines, incinerators,
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A modern-day photo of USS Alabama. While the battleship boasts a proud history of World War II successes, the USS Alabama and asbestos exposure also have a history together, and Nemeroff Law Firm can help those exposed to asbestos from the USS Arizona find out if they are entitled to compensation.
Asbestos Exposure

The USS Alabama and Asbestos Aboard “Lucky A”

The USS Alabama BB-60 has been called “Lucky A,” “Mighty A,” and the “Heroine of the Pacific.” The battleship bears a proud history, having served in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of World War II in several critical raids, attacks, and bombardments. Unfortunately, a darker story also follows
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