Best Asbestos Lawyers Defined

Image of interior of industrial park as example of location that could have been insulated with asbestos, indicating the need for one of the best asbestos lawyers.

The best asbestos lawyers represent and share some characteristics with people who have contracted mesothelioma. The people most likely to suffer from mesothelioma exemplify the Greatest Generation of Americans. Blue collar workers such as factory workers, shipbuilders, miners, plumbers, and construction workers are most likely to have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace. These people built America. They worked very hard at physically intensive jobs to provide for their families and the needs of the country.

A good asbestos attorney must also be strong and caring. Litigation that focuses on recovery from companies that manufactured asbestos is a niche market. A competent attorney with a wide network of contacts and resources is required. Perhaps most importantly, clients need to feel at ease with their attorney. The attorneys of the Nemeroff Law Firm strive to help their clients recover financially in the face of a pernicious illness.

The Best Asbestos Lawyers are a Contradiction

Tough With Heart

Blue collar workers are incredibly tough, resourceful people who work hard to support their families and loved ones financially. Their love for their families is the driving force that inspires their tenacity and focus on their work. Their natural toughness and grit emerges out of love for their families.

The Main Objective

Asbestos lawyers are similarly driven by their compassion for their clients and our society. They derive great satisfaction and meaning from helping clients and their families recover compensation. This recovery is achieved at the expense of companies who acted negligently.

These companies prioritized their own financial gain above the safety of the workers. The attorneys of Nemeroff Law Firm have recovered over $100 million dollars on behalf of their clients. The attorneys of the Nemeroff Law Firm work tenaciously to help their clients recover what they deserve from uncaring companies who knowingly exposed workers to asbestos-containing products.  Holding these companies responsible for their misdeeds provides an incentive for a responsible corporate America.

While the compensation recovered cannot alleviate the pain endured by these families and their communities, it is the perpetuation of the original goal of most clients to support their families financially.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of asbestos exposure is that many workers brought home dangerous fibers on their clothing. As such, family members could have secondhand exposure. It can be decades before this malevolent disease reveals itself, so it is important that family members have the financial resources they need to achieve their own medical and legal goals.

The Best Asbestos Lawyers Work in a Niche Market

Asbestos litigation is a niche market. Lawyers for asbestos cases must have extensive knowledge of the law, the responsible corporate players, and supportive medical professionals. In addition, they must be constantly learning about new medical developments and the latest legal precedents from around the country.

It would be very difficult for a general practice attorney to operate at the same level and to achieve the best results for clients. General practice attorneys typically focus on several different areas of law. They are unlikely to have the time to stay on the cutting edge of the most recent judgments around the country. They are also less likely to know and have relationships with key players in this specific area of the law, and they may have a general understanding of cases in their jurisdiction alone.


The attorneys of the Nemeroff Law Firm have a vast array of credentials. Nemeroff attorneys are licensed in New York, Utah, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Washington, just to name a few. While the firm’s offices are located in Dallas, Houston, Park City, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh, the firm has the ability to practice in almost any jurisdiction thanks to its extensive professional network. Attorney Money even has international experience in the defense of clients suffering from mesothelioma.

If you are looking for the best asbestos lawyers to fight for your recovery after a diagnosis of asbestosis or mesothelioma, look no further than the attorneys at the Nemeroff Law Firm. For more information or for a consultation, complete our online contact form or call us at 866-342-1929.

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