Olga has been in the legal profession for over 20 years. Throughout the years she has worked on personal injury, criminal and family law cases. Olga has worked on asbestos cases for over 13 years. While working on asbestos cases she has traveled to various states meeting asbestos victims, unions and witnesses. She investigates client work sites, exposure, and product witnesses. Olga appreciates and values the trust that clients put in her. Her number one goal is to produce a successful outcome on her cases in order to leave a great impression on clients.

Olga received her paralegal certificate in May 1995 from Southeastern Paralegal Institute. She is a member of the Paralegal Division with the State Bar of Texas.

Olga enjoys spending quality time with her 3 grandchildren and 2 English bulldogs. She has also assisted with Keep The Homeless Warm fundraisers.

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