In some instances, clients of the Nemeroff Law Firm have had exposures to asbestos-containing products that were manufactured by companies who have sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In situations where such an exposure has occurred and it is in the best interests of the clients to pursue a claim through a bankruptcy trust, Julie gets involved, helping the firm navigate what can be a complicated and challenging avenue to potential recovery for our clients.

Julie enjoys working with the firm’s team of passionate advocates who “fight the good fight”. She recognizes that the victims and families that the firm represents depend on the Nemeroff Law Firm to give them a voice, and Julie finds it both challenging and rewarding to be part of a team that can do just that.

Julie received her Paralegal Certification in 2002, and is the proud parent of two Cocker Spaniels named Chewbaca and Skywalker.

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