Ed has more than 24 years of paralegal experience. Having spent a majority of his experience specifically handling asbestos litigation, he serves as an integral and irreplaceable member of our litigation team. Mr. Winstel personally works on every client’s case by gathering all necessary medical records, expert testimonies, or other medical evidence needed to build a solid case. Additionally, he assists in thorough investigations of all asbestos-related products.

Having lived his entire life in an area populated with several steel mills, power plants, and chemical plants, Ed knows from first-hand experience the many uses of asbestos in industrial settings. He has extensive experience in investigating and successfully uncovering the links between the asbestos and mesothelioma victims as well as their exposure to toxic chemicals and byproducts.

Ed Winstel enjoys talking and personally meeting with clients, hearing their stories, and truly determining the best way he can put his unique skillset to work for clients. Mr. Winstel strives to ensure clients of the Nemeroff Law Firm receive the help, support, and compensation that they are entitled to after a serious injury, illness, or loss.

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