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Serious Injury Guide

Learn What to Do After a Serious Injury

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Every day, our firm helps people who have suffered serious injuries. We understand the laws that protect you and we know how to pursue the result you deserve. With more than 150 years of collective experience between our national personal injury lawyers, we are ready to stand beside you.

Here’s what you should do after a serious injury:

  • Pursue thorough medical care and treatment. Don’t neglect getting the care and attention you need. Remember to keep all instructions, receipts, and paperwork.
  • Don’t ignore your symptoms. Don’t try to push through the pain or “tough it out.” Ignoring your injury could exacerbate it. Follow up with the medical care you deserve. Having medical records of your pain can help your case.
  • Keep a record of your medical expenses. Document all healthcare costs carefully – not just your doctor bills, but also the costs of repairing property damaged in the accident that caused your injury. Do not forget to include payments for services that you are unable to complete because of your injury, including housekeeping, babysitting, and so on.
  • Talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. It is important to discuss your rights and your legal options with a lawyer promptly. Putting this off could damage your case. A knowledgeable and caring attorney can help you determine the steps you need to take to strengthen your case, including providing photographic evidence of your injuries.

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Our legal team can help you protect your future after a serious accident or injury. With more than 150 years of collective experience helping clients all over the United States, the Nemeroff Law Firm is prepared to advocate for your interests thoroughly so that you can focus on your recovery.

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