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Western Gypsum

AKA U.S. Gypsum, United States Gypsum, USG, Sigurd Plant, Sigurd, UT


The former Western Gypsum plant is now owned and operated by U.S. Gypsum.  The original plant was constructed in 1948 in Sevier County, Utah.  Sevier County leads the State of Utah in production of gypsum.  

Address or general location

81 N State Street, Sigurd, Utah


Gypsum mining began in Sigurd, Utah, in 1908.  In 1948, the Western Gypsum plant was constructed and began processing material mined from nearby gypsum mines.  Sigurd, Utah, is located in Sevier County where a large deposit of high grade gypsum material exists.  Sevier County is the leading gypsum producer in the State of Utah.

The Western Gypsum plant was eventually purchased by U.S. Gypsum which is the largest manufacturer of gypsum products in North America.  The Sigurd Plant manufactures wallboard and joint compound from materials mined from area mines and quarries.

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