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University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT


The University of Utah was originally named the University of Deseret and was established in the 1850s.  It was officially renamed as the University of Utah in the 1890s by the state legislature.  Located on land formerly part of Fort Douglas, the University student population has expanded from a handful of students in the late 1800s to thousands today.

Address or general location

Salt Lake City, Utah


Prior to the 1900s, the university, which would become the University of Utah, was originally named the University of Deseret.  It operated in temporary locations, including a house, until a permanent location was established on land formerly part of Fort Douglas.  In the 1890s, the university was renamed by the state legislature and became the University of Utah.

Throughout its history, the university has built and occupied a wide variety of buildings.  Currently, there are campus buildings dating back as far as 1876.  For a list of historic buildings located at the University of Utah, visit the University of Utah’s Building website.  

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