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Sunnyside Cogen

Sunnyside Cogeneration Association

AKA SCA, AKA Sunnyside Cogen Associates, Sunnyside, UT


Built in 1992 near the mining towns of East Carbon and Sunnyside, Utah, the Sunnyside Cogeneration plant (SCA) is a coal-fired plant which burns waste coal from area mines.  Employing dozens of workers, the 53MW plant sells its electricity to Pacificorp.

Address or general location

1 Power Plant Road

Sunnyside, UT  84539


Sunnyside and the nearby community of East Carbon have long been mining towns.  In 1992, the Sunnyside Cogeneration plant (SCA) was built to burn waste coal from the closed Star Point and Sunnyside mines in order to generate power.  Since it began operating in 1993, the plant has employed dozens of workers.  

Owned, in part, by Colmac Sunnyside (CSI), the energy generated at the plant is sold to Pacificorp’s Utah operations. Coal ash, the waste product of the coal-burning plant, is disposed of in a nearby landfill.  Concerns regarding exposure to the coal ash has been a subject of controversy in the surrounding community.

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