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Ogden Defense Depot

Defense Depot Ogden Utah (DDOU)

AKA Utah General Depot, Second Street, Defense Depot Hill Utah, Business Depot Ogden, Ogden, UT


One of several military installations constructed to support the United State’s military efforts in WWII, the Utah General Depot (later known as the Defense Depot Ogden) was built in 1941.  Known locally as “Second Street,” the Defense Depot warehoused quartermaster supplies and shipped them through ports on the West Coast.  The facility was eventually converted into a commercial and industrial district and is now called the Business Depot Ogden.

Address or general location

Near Marriott, northwest of Ogden, Utah


From 1941 until 1997, the Utah General Depot (later known as the Defense Depot Ogden), served as a warehouse and distribution center for the U.S. Army.  Constructed in response to the anticipated U.S. involvement in WWII, the Defense Depot Ogden (DDO) warehoused quartermaster supplies which were shipped to war zones via the West Coast.  Located on 1,700 acres, the depot was considered to be the largest quartermaster depot in the country.  

Known locally as “Second Street,” the depot employed thousands of workers.  In 1997, the facilities became a part of the Hill Air Force Base and, later, was converted into a commercial and industrial park.  Currently known as the Business Depot Ogden, the facility is still in operation.

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