Gadsby Power Plant

Gadsby Power Plant

AKA Gadsby Generation Facility, Salt Lake City, UT


Located on a 2,500-acre site, the Gadsby Power Plant has 6 operating units.  The first three units were constructed in the 1950s, and the remaining three units were completed in 2002.  

Address or general location

Salt Lake City, UT


The Gadsby Power Plant was named after George Gadsby who was a former president of Utah Power & Light Company (now Rocky Mountain Power).  The original three units were constructed in the 1950s and were built to burn coal, oil, natural gas or pitch.  In 1987, due to economic reasons, the plant was closed temporarily and brought back online in the 1990s.  Initially, the units were primarily fueled by coal but each were converted to natural gas prior to reopening the plant in the 1990s.  The plant is owned and operated by PacifiCorp.