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Desert Power

Desert Power Plant

Grantsville, UT


Operating from 1999 until 2008, the Desert Power Plant is situated in a remote, desert location in Tooele County near what is commonly referred to as the MagCorp plant.  The decommissioned, coal-fired plant is owned by Desert Power, LP, and its parent company is DQ Holdings, LLC.

Address or general location

12755 N Rowley Rd

Grantsville, UT 84029


The Desert Power Plant is aptly named as it is located deep within the desert in Tooele County.  The coal-fired plant operated from 1999 until 2008, and is located near the towns of Grantsville and Rowley, Utah.  Most notable about the plant is that it is located adjacent to the MagCorp Plant.  The MagCorp plant is owned by US Magnesium (FKA Magnesium Corporation of America), which is the largest producer of primary magnesium in North America.  

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