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Daly West Mining Company

Park City, UT

(Associated names include Daly Mine, Daly West Mine, Judge Mine, Ivanhoe Mining Company, Daly Judge Mining Company, Park City Mining & Smelting Company, Park Utah Mining Company, Park Utah Consolidated Mines Company, United Park City Mines, Ontario Silver Mining Company, Daly-Judge Company, Little Bell Mining Company, Little Bell Consolidated Mining Company and Anaconda Copper Mining Company)


Discovered in 1885, production began at the Daly West Mine in 1891.  The silver, lead and zinc mine operated under various company names until its closure in 1965.  One of several mining operations established near Park City, Utah, the profits from the mine contributed to the development of Park City.  The mine employed from dozens to hundreds of workers during its operation.

Address or general location

Situated 2-miles south-southwest of Park City, near the head of the Empire Canyon in Summit County


Like so many of the mining companies which began operating in and around Park City in the late 1800s, the Daly West Mining Company underwent several name and ownership changes as it continued to expand and incorporate mining properties adjoining the Daly West Mine.  The Daly West Mining Company was established in 1893 by John J. Daly.  In 1899, the Daly West Mining Company consolidated with the Ivanhoe Mining Company while retaining the Daly West Mining Company name.  In 1922, the Daly West Mining Company became part of the Park City Mining and Smelting Company which, in 1925, became the Park Utah Consolidated Mining Company.  In 1942, the Anaconda Copper Mining Company purchased shares of the Park Utah Consolidated Company making their ownership 22 percent.  In 1953, the company name was changed for the last time to the United Park City Mines and operated under this name until its closure in 1965.

The primary ores produced in the mines incorporated in the Daly West Mining Company (later United Park City Mines) were silver, lead and zinc, although the mines also produced a small amount of gold and copper.  The numbers of workers were in the dozens in the early days of operation and increased to hundreds of workers as the mine continued to expand.  

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