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Castle Gate Power Plant

Helper, UT

(Associated names include Carbon Power Plant, Utah Power and Light and Pacificorp)


The two-unit, coal-burning power plant was built in the 1950s near Castle Gate coal mine in Helper, Utah.  During its operation, the power plant employed as many as 74 workers and was capable of providing power to 47,000 homes.  The plant was closed in 2015 due to factors related to increased emissions regulations.

Address or general location

At the mouth of Price Canyon near the former Castle Gate mine in Helper, Utah.


In 1954 and 1957, the first and second units of the Castle Gate Power Plant (a/k/a Carbon Power Plant) were built by Utah Power and Light.  Located proximate to the Castle Gate coal mine, the power plant burned coal from the mine which generated enough electricity to power 47,000 homes as of 2013.  

Operated by Pacificorp, the 2-unit power plant was Utah’s oldest coal burning plant.  Over the years, environmental regulations were implemented to reduce toxic emissions from coal-powered plants.  The location of the plant against the steep canyon walls of Price Canyon did not allow for the installation of necessary filtration equipment to bring the plant into compliance.

Due to the power plant’s inability to comply with the emissions regulations, particularly those related to mercury, the plant closed in 2015.   As many as 74 workers were employed at the plant at one time during its operation.  

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