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Brigham Young University (BYU)

Provo, UT

Brigham Young University - Utah Asbestos Job Site


Brigham Young University was established in 1875 in Provo, Utah. Originally called the Brigham Young Academy, the university was first located in what is now downtown Provo.  A private school owned by the Church of Latter Day Saints, BYU has established itself as a leading educational institution with a solid national and international reputation.

Address or general location

University Avenue, Provo, Utah


Prior to being named Brigham Young University (BYU), BYU was named the Brigham Young Academy.  Upon opening its doors in 1875, the university began with 70 students.  BYU was originally located in what is now downtown Provo but moved to its current location on University Avenue in 1891.  

Throughout its history and into the present, the university has occupied a variety of buildings.  In its earlier history, BYU utilized several temporary buildings, such as the Old North Building, until they were removed during the period of 1959-1963.  As the temporary buildings were being removed, BYU experienced a building boom resulting in the construction of several buildings which are still in use today. Examples of buildings which were built before or during the building boom include the Karl G. Maeser Memorial Building (built 1911), the Joseph F. Smith Family Living Center (built 1957), the Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center (built 1964) and the Widtsoe Building (built 1968).

BYU continues to be a thriving institution for higher education and has attracted students from all 50 states and from as many as 100 countries worldwide.

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