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Big Sandwash Reservoir Hydro

Upalco, UT

(Associated names include Big Sand Wash, Big Sandwash Dam, Moon Lake Water Users Assocation, Central Utah Water Conservation District)


A hydroelectric facility located in Duchesne County, Utah, the Big Sandwash (sometimes referred to as the Big Sand Wash) Reservoir Hydro plant was built in 1983 and closed in 1999.  Named after the Big Sand Wash, a tributary of the Dry Gulch Creek, the hydroelectric plant produced 1.6 KW.

Address or general location

Between Hwy 87 and Hwy 199 – 1 mile north of Upalco


Owned by Moon Lake Water Users Association (MLWUA), the Big Sandwash Reservoir Hydro operated from 1983-1999.  Located in the Upper Colorado River Basin, the primary water supply for the hydroelectricity plant was the Lake Fork River.  During its operation, it was capable of producing 1.6 kilowatts.

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