Pennsylvania Power Company

AKA PennPower; associated names include Ohio Edison Company, FirstEnergy; multiple locations, including Shippingport, PA


Pennsylvania Power Company (PennPower) was established in 1930.  Now owned by FirstEnergy, PennPower is most commonly known for operating coal-fired and nuclear plants located in western Pennsylvania.  

Address or general location

Multiple locations, including Shippingport, PA.


Pennsylvania Power Company (PennPower) serves western Pennsylvania as one of FirstEnergy’s subsidiaries.  In the 1970s, PennPower constructed the Bruce Mansfield coal-fired plant which is the largest electric power plant in Pennsylvania.  Additionally, PennPower is co-owner of the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station which is located near Shippingport, PA.  Finally, PennPower has owned and operated the New Castle Plant which is located in West Pittsburgh.  New Castle began operating in the 1930s.