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Exelon Generation

FKA Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO), Multiple locations, PA


Exelon’s history can be traced to Pennsylvania’s budding power industry which sprang up in the the late 1800s.  Multiple mergers and acquisitions of electric companies which occurred throughout the 19th and 20th centuries eventually culminated in the formation of Exelon in 1999.  The electric generation and distribution holding company currently owns several power plants in Pennsylvania among other states.

Address or general location

Multiple locations in Pennsylvania, including Phoenixville, Tacony and Eddystone, PA.


Operating as Philadelphia Electric for a long period of its history, the electric generation and distribution company changed its name to PECO Energy Company in 1993 and, six years later, to Exelon Corporation in 1999.  Owner of as many as 16 power plants in Pennsylvania, Exelon owns or has owned nuclear, coal-fired, natural gas, oil, hydro and landfill power plants.  

Examples of power plants that Exelon has owned or operated include the following stations:  Chester, Cromby (Phoenixville), Delaware, Eddystone, Falls, Moser, Muddy Run, Peach Bottom, Richmond, Schuylkill, Southwark, Limerick, Pennsbury, Fairless Hills, Three Mile Island, and Croydon.  Many of Exelon’s power plants were constructed in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

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