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Duquesne Light Company (DLC)

Associated names include Orion Power Holdings, DQE, the Philadelphia Company, and Allegheny County Light Company (ACLC); multiple locations, including Pittsburgh, PA,_PRIMARY_WATER_STORAGE_TANK_(CENTER),_CANAL_WATER_STORAGE_TANK_(RIGHT)_(LOCATIONS_E,F,D)_-_Shippingport_Atomic_Power_Station,_HAER_PA,4-SHIP,1-8.tif


Duquesne Light Company was created as a result of the consolidation of nearly 150 private electric companies operating in the Pittsburgh area in 1900.  Currently providing electricity to around 600,000 customers in and around Pittsburgh, PA, Duquesne Light Company employs over 4,000 workers.  

Address or general location

Corporate office:  One Oxford Centre, 301 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Duquesne owns and operates power plants in multiple locations, including Brunot Island, Cheswick, Elrama, Rankin, South Heights and Shippingport, PA.


The early history of the Duquesne Light Company (DLC) follows that of the Pittsburgh area’s steel industry.  As the steel industry began to grow significantly starting in the late 1800s, electricity was needed to power these efforts.  In 1900, there were as many as 150 private electric companies operating in and around the Pittsburgh area.  In order to improve the delivery of electricity, many of these companies were consolidated under the company name of Duquesne Light Company in 1903.

DLC serves nearly 600,000 customers today in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, and operates several plants in Pennsylvania.  The names of these facilities include the following:

Elrama Power Plant, 30 Duquesne Light Way, Elrama, PA.  The coal-fired units began operating in the 1950s and 1960s and were retired in 2014.

Brunot Island Plant, 2849 West Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA.  The multi-unit plant began operating in the 1970s.

F.R. Phillips Plant, 1249 Erie Avenue, Crescent Township, PA.  The 4-unit, coal-fired plant began operating in the 1940s and 1950s and retired in 2002.

Cheswick Power Plant, P.O. Box 65, Cheswick, PA.  The coal-fired plant began operating in 1970.

Townsend Hydro, 1st Avenue, New Brighton, PA.  The 2-unit, hydroelectric plant began operating in 1987.

Beaver Valley Patterson Dam, Third Street and The River, Beaver Falls, PA.  The hydroelectric plant began operating in 1982.

Clairton Works, 400 State Street, Clairton, PA.  The utility is the United States Steel – Clairton.  The facility began operating in 1955.

Mon Valley Works, Camp Hollow Road, Dravosburg, PA.  The utility is the United States Steel – Mon Valley.  The facility began operating in 1943.  

Over the years, Duquesne Light Company has been a significant employer in Pennsylvania and currently employs approximately over 4,000 workers.

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