Conemaugh Power Station

Conemaugh Power Station

AKA Conemaugh Generating Station, Huff Power Station, New Florence, PA


The Conemaugh Power Station began operating in the early 1970s.  The coal-fired plant is located in the middle of Pennsylvania’s coal fields in order to burn fuel from area mines.  Still in operation, the power station’s ownership is divided by as many as 10 companies.

Address or general location

1442 Power Plant Road, New Florence, PA


The coal-powered Conemaugh Power Station is one of Pennsylvania’s primary sources of electricity.  Towering 12 stories high, the large power station generates as much as 1,700 megawatts.  

Throughout its operation, its ownership has been divided among several companies, including Pennsylvania Electric, PSE&G, the Atlantic Electric Co., Baltimore Gas & Electric Co., Delmarva Power & Light Co., Pennsylvania Power & Light Co., Potomac Electric Power Co., Metropolitan Edison Co., and the UGI Corporation.