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Altoona School District

Altoona, PA


Altoona Area School District (AASD) is a large, urban public school district which oversees schools in Altoona, PA. AASD currently manages 11 schools and had previously overseen additional schools which have since closed.  

Address or general location

Altoona, PA


Altoona Area School District (AASD) has a student population of nearly 8,000 and is one of the largest public school districts in Pennsylvania.  AASD currently manages 11 public schools, including eight elementary schools, one junior high school, one high school, a secondary alternative education school and a Community Education Center.  The following schools were built at a time when asbestos was commonly used in building construction:

Altoona Area High School

Altoona Area High School has been operating since the late 1800s.  The school was moved to its current location at 1415 6th Avenue in 1905.  In 1927, an annex was constructed and, in the 1970s, the school was renovated and modernized.  The school currently serves nearly 1,800 students.

Altoona Vocational-Technical High School

Jointly managed by Altoona Area School District (AASD) and Bellwood-Antis School District (BASD), the vocational school has been operating since 1966.  It is currently called the Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center and is located at 1500 4th Avenue.

Baker Elementary School

Opened in 1912, Baker Elementary school is located at 108 West Ward Avenue in Altoona.  The school currently serves nearly 400 students.

Curtin Elementary School

Closed in 2013, the Curtin Elementary School was located at 2914 W. Chestnut Avenue.

D.S. Keith Junior High School

Constructed in 1930, D.S. Keith was located at 1318 19th Avenue.  The school was closed in 2009.

Wright Elementary School

Closed in 2015, Wright Elementary School was located at 1800 11th Street.

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