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Allegheny Energy

Allegheny Energy Supply Company

AKA FirstEnergy; FKA West Penn Power, Multiple locations, PA


Now a part of FirstEnergy, the Allegheny Energy Supply Company was an electric distribution subsidiary of Allegheny Energy.  With predecessors dating back to the early 1900s, Allegheny Energy Supply Company owned and operated electric generation facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.  As part of FirstEnergy, Allegheny Energy continues to operate power plants in Pennsylvania.

Address or general location

Multiple locations, including Courtney (along the Monongahela River), Masontown, Springdale and Adrian, PA.  See below for more details.


Allegheny Energy’s history can be traced back as early as 1907 to West Penn Power, which is currently a subsidiary of Allegheny Energy.  Allegheny Energy Supply Company was in operation since 1925 until it was acquired by FirstEnergy in 2011.  FirstEnergy Solutions currently operates 35 plants in multiple states, including Pennsylvania.  

In Pennsylvania, Allegheny Energy has owned and operated several electric generation plants.  The following is a list of power plants which Allegheny Energy has or continues to own or operate:  

FirstEnergy Armstrong Power Station, 108 Power Plant Road, Adrian, PA.  Units 1 and 2 were constructed in the late 1950s and were retired in 2012.

Hatfields Ferry Power Station, 2907 E. Roy Furman Hwy, Masontown, PA.  Units 1, 2 and 3 were constructed in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  They were retired in 2013.

FirstEnergy Mitchell Power Station, 50 Electric Way, Courtney, PA.  Units 1 and 2 were constructed in the late 1940s. Unit 3 was constructed in 1963.  Unit 1 was retired in 2002, and Units 2 and 3 were retired in 2013.

FirstEnergy Springdale Power Station, Butler Street Ext, Springdale, PA.  The two units were constructed in 1945 and 1954.  Both were retired in 2005.

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