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International Paper Springhill Mill

Springhill, Louisiana


In 1937, International Paper established the pulp paper mill commonly referred to as the “Springhill Paper Mill” which operated until 1979.  In 1981, International Paper opened a plywood and lumber manufacturing plant which was sold to Georgia Pacific in 2006, with the exception of the “box plant” which is still in operation.  

Address or general location

3000 S Arkansas St

Springhill LA 71075

Although located near Cullen, LA,  just south of Springhill, the International Paper mill is often referred to as the “Springhill Paper Mill.”  At the time that the paper mill closed in 1979, approximately 2,000 workers were affected.  In 1981, International Paper established the plywood and lumber manufacturing plant at the same location, and it operated until 2006 when a large portion of its operations was sold to Georgia-Pacific, impacting around 400 workers.  In Springhill, International Paper still operates its container manufacturing plant which is commonly referred to as the “box plant.”  

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