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Gulf States Entergy Power Plant

Entergy Louisiana Station Power Plant

Baton Rouge, LA


For decades, the utility company operating in the Baton Rouge area was known as the Gulf States Utility (GSU).  GSU operated numerous facilities throughout the Baton Rouge area, in Louisiana and in Texas.  In the 1950s, the Louisiana 1 and 2 plants began operation as natural gas powered plants.  As late as 2002, both plants were listed as operational, although Louisiana 2 is identified as being in reserve as of 2016.

Address or general location

Gulf States Road W at Scenic Hwy

Baton Rouge LA  70805


The companies that provided electricity throughout the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas evolved over time and is now owned by Entergy.  From the late 1800s into the early 1900s, what later became the Gulf States Utility service area was powered by as many as 60 different power companies.  The earliest inception of the Gulf States Utility was the Baton Rouge Electric and Gas Company (aka, Baton Rouge Electric Light and Power Company) which was established in the late 1800s.  

In the 1920s, the holding company, Eastern Texas Electric, acquired several area utility companies which led to the creation of Gulf States Utility.  From 1925-1938, the GSU system expanded and acquired several utility companies, including the Baton Rouge Electric and Gas Company.  In the 1950s, GSU began the operation of two natural gas-fired plants in Baton Rouge named Louisiana 1 and Lousiana 2.  Later in the 1980s, GSU constructed their first nuclear power plant, River Bend, located north of Baton Rouge.  In 1993, Gulf States Utility merged with Entergy.


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