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Boland Marine

Boland Marine & Manufacturing Shipyard

AKA Boland Machine & Manufacturing Company, AKA Boland Marine & Industrial, LLC, New Orleans, LA


In the 1920s, the Boland Machine and Manufacturing Company began to repair ships along the Mississippi River in New Orleans and continued well until the 1980s when the American shipping industry declined.  Although still involved in maritime and industrial machine repair, the Boland shipyard, currently named Boland Marine and Industrial, services marine and industrial machines at a much smaller scale.  

Address or general location

1000 Tchoupitoulas Street

New Orleans, LA


The early companies that led to the eventual formation of the Boland Marine and Industrial LLC, were established beginning in the late 1800s.  Originally serving the agricultural industry by servicing machines such as irrigation equipment, the company later redirected its focus toward ship repair in the 1920s.

Located along the Mississippi River in New Orleans, the Boland shipyard became one of the contractors used to refurbish U.S. Navy vessels used in WWII.  At that time, the shipyard was named Boland Machine & Manufacturing Company.  After the war, the Boland shipyard continued to service a wide variety of marine vessels until the 1980s when the American shipping industry began to decline.   In the 1970s, the name changed to Boland Marine and Manufacturing Company and, later, in 2004, it became Boland Marine and Industrial, LLC.  

Employing several hundreds of workers at a time, the peak employment totaled approximately 1,800 workers.


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