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Bogalusa Paper Mill

Bogalusa, LA


Established in 1918 by the Great Southern Lumber Company (GSLC), the Bogalusa Paper Mill was created to convert waste material from the Bogalusa sawmill operated by GSLC, which opened in 1908.  Over the years, the paper mill was owned by several companies and is currently owned and operated by International Paper.

Address or general location

401 Ave U

Bogalusa LA 70427


Operating for nearly 100 years, the Bogalusa Paper Mill has been owned by five entities starting with the Great Southern Lumber Company (GSLC).  In 1918, the Board of Directors of GSLC authorized the construction of the paper mill.  The mill used the sulfate chemical process to convert wood into pulp in order to utilize the waste material generated by GSLC’s sawmill, also located in Bogalusa.  The paper mill was operated by the Bogalusa Paper Company, a subsidiary of GSLC, from 1918 until 1937.

In 1938, the Bogalusa Paper Mill was sold to Crown Zellerbach which continued operations until 1986 when the mill was sold to Gaylord Container Corporation.  In 2002, Gaylord was acquired by Temple-Inland Corporation and, in 2012, International Paper acquired Temple-Inland.  The Bogalusa Paper Mill is still in operation and employees approximately 400 workers.

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