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Axiall Georgia Gulf

Axiall Corporation Chemical Plant

f/k/a Georgia Gulf, Plaquemine, LA


First established in 1971 by Georgia Pacific Corporation, the chemical plant manufactures phenol/acetone, methanol, caustic soda, chlorine and polyvinyl chloride.  The plant was purchased in 1984 and became Georgia Gulf Corporation and, in 2013, was acquired by the Axiall Corporation.  The chemical plant is still in operation today.

Address or general location

26100 State Hwy 405 South

Plaquemine LA  70764


In 1971, Georgia Pacific Corporation established its first chemical plant in Plaquemine, LA.  The plant initially manufactured phenol/acetone and methanol which are used to make plywood and other wood fiber boards.  In 1975, the plant was expanded with the addition of a caustic/chlorine plant and a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin plant.  Continued expansion occurred in 1979 when the Plaquemine facilities began producing sodium chlorate, and, in 1980, the facility began producing its own vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

A management-led buyout of Georgia Pacific’s chemical operations led to the establishment of the Georgia Gulf Corporation in 1984.  In 2013, the Georgia Gulf Corporation was acquired by the Axiall Corporation.

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