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Allied Chemical Honeywell Geismar Plant

Honeywell Specialty Materials Plant

Geismar, LA


Sometimes referred to as the Geismar Plant or the Allied Chemical Plant, the Honeywell Specialty Materials Plant is located near Geismar in Carville, LA, along the Mississippi River.  Constructed in 1965, the plant has produced a wide variety of chemicals, including those used for fertilizers.

Address or general location

5525 Highway 3115

Carville LA  70721


The Geismar Plant’s name over the years mirrors the dynamic history of what is known today as the Honeywell Corporation.  The corporate timeline for Honeywell includes a variety of acquisitions, mergers and name changes; however, the Geismar Plant’s evolution over the years is but one part of the overall Honeywell experience.  

The plant was constructed in 1965 and began operating in 1967 by Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation.  (Interestingly, Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation was formed in 1920 in response to Germany’s control over the world’s chemical industry and was comprised of five American chemical companies.)  Allied Chemical later merged with Signal Companies in 1985, forming AlliedSignal.  In 1999, Honeywell was acquired by AlliedSignal, and the company elected to keep the Honeywell name.

Under the ownership of Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, the plant was described as a chemical and fertilizer production center that produced ammonia and urea, sulfuric and phosphoric acids, ammonium nitrate, diammonium phosphate and other fertilizer solutions.  Currently, the Honeywell Specialty Materials facility encompasses several hundred developed acres and produces a wide variety of chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid, fluorcarbon refrigerants and Aclon resin.  Over the years, the plant has employed hundreds of workers.  In 2006, the facility employed around 400 workers.

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