Asbestos Job Sites In Pennsylvania

Asbestos Job Sites in Pennsylvania

As one of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania has played a significant role in the development of the nation. Throughout American history, many well known patriots have lived or visited Pennsylvania, which now boasts an estimated population around 13 million. Additionally, Pennsylvania is a significant player in several industries, including steel manufacturing and coal mining. It is no accident that the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, is named in honor of the U.S. steel industry.

Asbestos exposure has occurred throughout the United States for decades. Although asbestos exposure can occur in a wide variety of settings, there are certain industries and occupations which are more likely to have a history of such exposure. The dominant industries in Pennsylvania that may have exposed workers to asbestos include steel manufacturing and coal mining. Also, historically, workers at shipyards, power plants and the railroad were at risk of exposure to asbestos. As a result, Pennsylvania has a number of job sites where individuals may have been exposed.

Furthermore, although Pennsylvania has a wealth of significant, historic buildings throughout it, older buildings can also be a source of asbestos exposure. From schools to hospitals, Pennsylvania’s rich heritage of historic buildings is unfortunately tainted by the tragic and hazardous use of asbestos products during their construction.

Since mesothelioma is strongly linked to asbestos exposure, individuals working in industries or in settings with known asbestos exposure are at risk of developing mesothelioma. If you are concerned that you or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos, the following list of Pennsylvania job sites with known asbestos exposure may be useful. Click on the facility name to learn more about that particular job site:

Allegheny Energy Supply Company

Allegheny Ludlum Steel

Allegheny Ludlum Steel Bagdad

Allegheny Ludlum Steel Brackenridge Works

Allegheny Ludlum Steel Midland

Allegheny Ludlum Steel Natrona Heights

Allegheny Ludlum Steel Vandergrift

Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway Company

Altoona Area School District (multiple locations)

Altoona Hospitals (multiple locations)

Altoona Works

AmChem Products

Conemaugh Power Station

Crystal Ice Company

Duquesne Light Company (multiple locations)

Exelon Generation (multiple locations)

Homer City Powerhouse

Jones and Laughlin Steel Company (multiple locations)

Keystone Generating Station

Metropolitan Edison Company (multiple locations)

Pennsylvania Electric Company “Penelec” (multiple locations)

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company “PPL” (multiple locations)

Pennsylvania Power Company “PennPower” (multiple locations)

SKF Plant

U.S. Steel (multiple locations, including those formerly owned by Carnegie Steel Company)

Vesta Coal Company (multiple locations)

Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel (multiple locations)