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Asbestos Job Sites in Louisiana

Asbestos Job Sites in Louisiana

Workers have been exposed to asbestos at a large number of job sites in Louisiana.  Although there are facilities throughout the state with a history of asbestos exposure, a large portion of them are or were located along what is commonly referred to as the “chemical corridor.”  The chemical corridor is located along a 150-mile stretch of the Lower Mississippi River.  The riverbank along this portion of the river has long been lined with hundreds of industrial facilities, including chemical plants, refineries, paper mills, power plants and shipyards.  Since mesothelioma is strongly linked to asbestos exposure, workers at these sites are at risk of developing mesothelioma.  

The following is a list of job sites in Louisiana with known asbestos exposure.  Click on the facility name to learn more about that particular facility.

International Paper – Louisiana and Bastrop Mills – Bastrop, LA

International Paper  – Springhill Mill – Springhill, LA

Arizona Chemical Plant – Springhill, LA

Bogalusa Paper Mill – Bogalusa, LA

Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill – St. Francisville, LA

Georgia-Pacific – Port Hudson Paper Mill – Zachary, LA

Allied Chemical (ExxonMobil Chemical) Polyolefins Plant – Baton Rouge, LA

Allied Chemical (Honeywell) Geismar Plant – Carville, LA

Ethyl (Albermarle) Chemical Plant – Baton Rouge, LA

ExxonMobil (Standard/Humble) Oil Refinery and Chemical Plant (Enjay) – Baton Rouge, LA

Gulf States Utilities Power Plant (Entergy) – Baton Rouge, LA

Stauffer Chemical Plant – Baton Rouge, LA

Kaiser Aluminum Chemical Plant – Baton Rouge, LA

Kaiser Aluminum Chemical Plant – Chalmette, LA

Dow Chemical Plant – Plaquemine, LA

Georgia-Gulf (Axiall) Chemical Plant – Plaquemine, LA

Hercules Chemical Plant – Plaquemine, LA

Marathon Oil Refinery – Garyville, LA

Rubicon Chemical Plant – Geismar, LA

Borden Chemical Plant – Geismar, LA

Vulcan (Occidental) Chemical Plant – Geismar, LA

Shell Chemical Geismar Plant – Geismar, LA

Shell Chemical Plant and Oil Refinery (NORCO/Motiva) – Norco, LA

Freeport Sulphur Company – Port Sulphur, LA

Hooker (Occidental) Chemical Plant – Taft, LA

Union Carbide Taft Chemical Plant – Hahnville, LA

Texaco (Motiva) Oil Refinery – Convent, LA

Dupont Pontchartrain Works – LaPlace, LA

DuPont Chemical Plant – Burnside – Darrow, LA

American Cyanamid’s Fortier Complex – Waggaman, LA

Tenneco Oil Refinery – Chalmette, LA

Monsanto Chemical Plant – Luling, LA

Gulf Oil (Chevron) Refinery – Belle Chasse, LA

Chevron Oronite Oak Point Plant – Belle Chasse, LA

Louisiana Power & Light Little Gypsy Power Plant – LaPlace, LA (Montz, Harlan)

Louisiana Power & Light (Entergy) Ninemile Point Power Plant – Westwego, LA

Louisiana Power & Light Michoud Power Plant – New Orleans, LA

Louisiana Power & Light (Entergy) Waterford Power Plants – Killona, LA

American Can Company – New Orleans, LA

McDermott Shipyard – Morgan City and Amelia, LA

Morton Chemical Weeks Island Plant – New Iberia, LA

United States Gypsum Plant – New Orleans, LA

National Gypsum Company (Gold Bond) – Westwego, LA

Johns Manville Plant – Marerro, LA

Celotex Plant – Marerro, LA

Supreme Sugar Mill – Chalmette, LA

Domino Sugar Mill – Chalmette, LA

Murphy Oil Refinery – Chalmette, LA

Todd Shipyard – New Orleans, LA

Boland Marine Shipyard – New Orleans, LA

Dixie Machine Shipyard – New Orleans, LA

Port of New Orleans Shipyard – New Orleans, LA

Avondale Shipyard – Main Shipyard and Harvey Shipyard – New Orleans, LA