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Lupron is the commercial name for leuprolide acetate, a synthetic analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormones, natural hormones that are discharged rhythmically and in short pulses by the hypothalamus to stimulate the hypophysis.

Lupron was originally developed and marketed by TAP Pharmaceuticals, a partnership between two worldwide pharmaceutical juggernauts, Abbott Laboratories and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. After paying record-setting criminal and civil penalties related to TAP’s deceptive marketing of Lupron and pleading guilty to a felony as a result of its conduct, this partnership ended in 2008 with Abbott keeping Lupron as its own drug to continue to sell and from which to continue to make profits.

Lupron is a drug that was originally developed and marketed to treat men with advanced prostate cancer but was later promoted for the treatment of women with endometriosis. The only differences between the two usages are the size of the dosage and the length of time over which it can be given. Regardless of who is given Lupron or for how short or long a period of time it is taken, serious side effects can occur.

In girls and women suffering from endometriosis, while the recommended maximum treatment consists of a monthly injection over a 6 month period, the side effects, or adverse drug events, can be serious, disabling and permanent despite a label which states otherwise. Although Lupron will initially over-stimulate a woman’s ovaries, continued use will have the opposite effect by inducing an artificial, temporary menopause that strips away a woman’s estrogen, leaving her body depleted. An artificial menopause can produce all of the signs and symptoms of natural menopause, including cessation of menstruation, hot flushes, sweats, reduction of estrogen, pain, depression, osteoporosis and more.

Many girls or women who take Lupron and suffer from side effects may not know that Lupron was the cause. And since Lupron can affect a woman’s estrogen level, her thyroid, her bone density, cause her severe pain and more, many women don’t know to which doctor to turn for answers. While the potential benefits of Lupron are only temporary, the side effects, or adverse drug events, can be very long lasting and potentially permanent. If you have taken Lupron and are experiencing symptoms that you feel may be related to Lupron, it is important that you talk to your doctors. Additionally, finding an attorney with a broad understanding of the medical and legal issues underlying a dangerous prescription drug case is critical to getting you and your family the help that you need.

The Nemeroff Law Firm is investigating potential claims against the pharmaceutical industry because of Lupron. Nemeroff Law Firm handles legal claims on behalf of individuals and families in all 50 states. We offer compassionate representation, combined with aggressive advocacy on behalf of our clients. If you are suffering or have suffered serious side effects after you were prescribed Lupon, we invite you to contact us for a free, confidential consultation about your legal rights. Nemeroff Law Firm represents injured victims throughout the United States, and we can help you, too, wherever you live.

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