Learn About Asbestos

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural mineral that was originally utilized by ancient civilizations for its fire-resistant properties and the creation of other practical products, including the development of textile and construction materials. The United States began to utilize asbestos following the Second World War, and by the 1970s it was being used in more than 4,000 different items.

Unfortunately, asbestos can be extremely dangerous when inhaled over a long period of time. Studies link conditions such as mesothelioma to long-term asbestos inhalation. Asbestos consists of long, sharp, microscopic fibers that can lodge in the lungs of the individual inhaling it. These fibers work their way to the mesothelium membrane, which protects and lubricates the body’s vital organs. Over time, asbestos fibers in your lungs can cause scarring and the formation of painful tumors.

Have I been exposed?

Unfortunately, in spite of the recent influx of strict government regulations, increased awareness, and new precautionary measures, asbestos exposure is still a common problem. Almost everyone has been exposed to asbestos at some point in their lives, but individuals who work in certain industries are at a higher risk.

Industries with a high chance of asbestos exposure include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Boiler workers
  • Factory workers
  • Paper mill workers
  • Firefighters
  • United States Navy seamen
  • Merchant marine seamen
  • Shipyard workers
  • Engineers
  • Construction workers
  • Automobile mechanics and aviation mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Nuclear plant workers

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    Track Record

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